Friday, October 16, 2009

Quit or not to Quit, that is the question... NOT!

Master Scota has told me that there are plateaus we reach in training. I have reached one, and even descended a little.

Two weeks ago I pulled a ham-string. Not seriously, but enough that it was reminiscent of the time I accidentally made contact with 220v AC current. It was not exactly painful, but it didn't feel good, the muscle hurt more, but the electric jolt was similar.

Since that time I have been in a slump. I couldn't go to class the next session, and then I have felt a nagging twinge in that muscle every time I try to do a side or round-house kick.

Add that to the fact that my wife, due to a condition in her feet which coudn't get better while she was coming to class, had to quit, and I have felt like quitting.

I don't want to! I see so many benefits. My muscles are stronger, my blood-pressure is lower. I am actually learning some things.

I wish we could go to the regional championships in Myrtle Beach, but it won't work out this year. Maybe next year. We'll see.

I told Master Scota, that I'm not going to quit, I'm just at that point where I feel like quitting. However, I'll press on, and I'll try to be more elaborate in my posts here.


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