Friday, May 29, 2009

Kee Cho Hyung Il Boo

Tonight in class we spent almost the whole class working on the first form, Kee Cho Hyung Il Boo.

Master Scota explains the visualizations with excellence. envision an enemy attacking you and block then attack, see another coming from behind, turn and block low then attack to the middle. Wait! there is a third opponent up the middle, hide your knuckles turn to your fighting stance and then Ahp Chagi three times and Ki Hap on the third kick.

It sounds easy enough when you describe it, but it gets wearing after a few times. no, Wearing is the wrong word weary is. I got weary doing it over and over. I do my best to do each movement with as much strength as possible. I want the movement to be as real as possible.

All the time trying to remember the proper width and length in my stance, the right place to punch from and to, which arm moves up and which over keeping my head on an even keel while moving, there is a LOT to remember. the fun part is that I'm only on the first form and there are 29 more...

I'll keep you apprised,

Cho Bo Ja

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skipped entries, but not class!

I have been lax in updating my blogs this past week or two! My apologies. We found a house to rent and as a result have been busy getting stuff packed! that's a workout in and of itself!

Last Thursday, Master Scota was out of the area so Ms. Scully and Mr. Henderson taught the class. It was fun, they about killed us, but it was fun!

they started teaching us the first form the "World Form number 1" I don't recall the Korean for it. it's not difficult, but I think to truely appreciate the form you have to work hard to master it... and I think that mastering it is much more than simply learnign the movements. I'm looking forward to mastering that form!

as well as all of them. there are a LOT fo forms to becoming a black-belt...

Heads off to practice.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two for the price of one!

Saturday we went to the area tournament, and while we were there we watched the blackbelts form Scota Karte and other schools compete. 

We watched two of our instructors compete, in the ring for over 40! It was spectacular. There were not a large number of competitors in that class, however what they lacked in numbers they made up in impressive skills.
the weapon demonstrations were particularly impressive. Both Miss Skully and Mr. Henderson use the bo staff and their demonstration for the judges was enough to let me know I don't want to be on the other end of an attack from either one of those two!

Mr. Henderson took the gold, and Miss Skully took the silver. In the other compettions they were divided male / female.  Everything that Mr Henderosn competed in he took a first place! I can only hope that my the time I'm 47 I'll be able to do the same!

Mr Henderson took the gold in sparring, as did Miss Skully. I got to see some of the younger blackblets demonstrating their skills, and again it was very impressive. 

I had been up all night the night before so we did not get to stay and watch the lower belts competition, though I'm sure it would have been awesome!

Tonight we went to class, and Master Scota informed us that he is not happy with the number of first places they brougt home refering to the fact that he felt that all in the forms we should have  some nive faink

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Will post about the part we were there for later tonight. It was really fun!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Stretching more, kicking higher

First of all I want to thank whoever sent me the suggestion on stretching against a wall. That really works! I'm trying to stretch some everyday, and now I'm also going to attempt to practice my kicks every day.

The size of our class has decreased because a large number of folks that had been in class before we started have now moved on to their yellow belts, and a different class night. So we have more room for walking kicks and larger exercises it's fun.

I have not bad at the Chun Gul Chase, the front stance, and since I started focusing on keeping my knees bent I can actually do it fairly consistently.

I'm not bad at the Ahp Cha Ki, the front kick, because it doesn't' involve opening my hips up. I'm uncertain if the problem I have with both the Yup Cha Ki (Side Kick) and the Tollyo Ahp Cha Ki (roundhouse kick) is simply because I'm fat and my hips wont move that way, or is affected by lower back injuries I had when I was about 14. (fell down flat on my back on concrete stairs (well as flat as you can get when you are accordianed on the steps...) I wonder if that is part of what's making it so difficult for me to stretch.

Regardless, I'm going to stretch to the point where I can't stretch anymore and then a Little bit further and hopefully eventually I'll be able to get a descend kick off! :)

This evening as we were stretching one of the kids in the class, a young man about 12, said to me, "It's ok you'll get it eventually." that sounds nice but he was being sort of condescending , My response was, "Someday, you'll be 40!" LOL He said that was mean!

Anyhow close to the end of class Master Scota had us kicking bags held by a partner, and I happened to get this young man as a partner. I can kick pretty hard doing a front kick! ;)

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to Saturday morning the area tournament. I'll be watching and will, of course, blog about the competition!.

I'm off for now, have a great day!

Jonathan Wagner
Cho Bo Ja

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fast Stretches, and Combinations

Mr Rovner, led the stretches tonight. This young guy is really talented. He's also a high-school junior. He goes through the stretches so fast... I think it's because he is so limber that he doesn't need to stretch... those of us who are old... well that's another story. but it was OK.

Then Master Scota had us start doing some very interesting combination punch/kicks. For example a front jab followed by a back-hand punch, then a front kick, or a sidekick, a center punch, and then a back leg front-kick. All various combinations that in some ways make it easier to get the individual parts. I think that Master Scota was teaching us some of these things because on May 16 there is an area competition.

As a family we are going to watch and try to learn what we can. I'm really looking forward to it.

We are preparing to move in the next few weeks I'll keep going to Tang Soo Do class but my blogs may be short for a while.

Oh I have a question for anyone out there. I am really having difficulty with roundhouse and side kicks due to my groin being stiff and sore. I have been trying to stretch those muscles. Does anyone have any suggestions?

thank you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Dobak- a lesson in unity

Last week we purchased our dobaks, Uniforms. My wife and I worked to get the pants shortened as needed. I take the prize as having to have my pants shortened 8 inches! I have short legs, what can I say?

Tonight as we were leaving for class my 8 year old, almost 9, said, "Now we will fit in." I thought about that statement, does the uniform really make us fit in any more than not having it? The answer is yes.

It's not that we were treated any differently by the instructors or by Master Scota, We were not treated differently by our fellow classmates. The dobak gives a sens of unity with the class, and yes that you fit in with Tang Soo Do, I can't really explain it, but somehow the uniform does make a difference!

Tonight Instructor Scully tried to kill me, not specifically, just as part of the whole class. She had us start out with 15 or 20 jumping jacks, no biggie, then immediately 10 or 15 push ups, then 15 or 20 crunches, and right back for another round... three times!

I know it's really good it got my heart rate up, everything that those types of exercise are for it did.. but oh oh oh... I think I'm too old for that! Somehow I'll make it! I'll push on and on.

We also worked a lot on the walking Chun Gul Chase and the correct form for the Tora (turn) when you are moving forward. Instructor Rovner worked with us on this, sometimes I think I honestly forget my left from my right, how is that possible?

Like the movements of the walking front stance, and then the turn. I finally caught on when Instructor Sculley said that it's always the back foot that moves. much less confusing now! ;)

So when you have walked as far as you are going to in the Chun Gul Chase and need to turn depending on which leg is in back you draw that leg forward (turn about 90 degrees to the direction you were facing left for left leg right for right leg) then step out on the angle with the same leg once you have planted that foot swivel and Ki Hap. This is also when you we do a HaDan Mahk Ki ( low block) because we have either been walking forward with the low block or with a Chun Dan Kyuk (Middle punch). When turning if we have been doing Chun Dan Kyuk we always perform a Ha Dan Mahk Ki.

By the way, I'm not trying to sound like I know what I'm doing with all the Korean terms, I'm simply trying to utilize them in normal English so that I can get a better grasp on the terms for class.

I hope that this log is being read by at least a few and that it's able to help, and encourage anyone who is working in Tang Soo Do or other martial arts. We can do it! it's not easy, but we can do it!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lesson Yol (10) Practice Practice Practice

Well today I officially became a 10th Gup, i.e. a White-belt.

I honestly feel that even as I progress through the gups I'll always be a white-belt. Don't take that to mean that I don't feel like I'll really be able to proceed in Tang Soo Do. Presently whenever I start to learn something I see, more and more clearly with each lesson, that I only know a very little bit.

I think that no matter how far I progress, I will always have more to learn, and I will always approach life and Tang Soo Do as a Cho Bo Ja, a beginner.

We got our dobaks today. I have very short legs and a not so small middle (not yet anyhow) it's rather laughable... going to have to hem about 12 inches off my pants! The boys aren't in too bad of shape and neither is Yvonne!

Master Scota taught the whole class he went over many of the terms I have previously mentioned like:

Chase (Cha - Say) - A Stance
Cha Ki (Chau-gi) - A kick
Kyuk - A Punch

Just to name a few.

Master Scota also had us work through kicks, I have got to figure out a way to get my groin to stretch.. probably if I would exercise a little in between classes it would help! My wife is going to make me walk everyday with her... no not make me she is going to ask me to walk with her every day and I will because I want to.

Maybe I'll be able to accomplish a roundhouse kick... someday.

Does anyone who is taking Tang Soo Do or any other martial art with their children have a tendency to want to help them in class? I want to point out what they aren't doing right, or how to do it better. Imaging that I am trying to help them and they are better at most of this than I am just because they are young and flexible!

I do tell them how well they are doing, my oldest son has always been very graceful, the middle one 14 is tall and big, and surprising fluid in his movements. My youngest is the most flexible. he can do a full front split almost to the ground, he is almost 9 and has a tendency to over-concentrate so he misses instructions but Master Scota realizes he is trying. I overheard Master Scota telling my youngest, "Right now you are learning and I'll keep helping you, when I think you aren't paying attention, then I'll give you push-ups. " I almost asked if I could do that at home, of course the answer is "Darn right I can!"

Class was good. My legs felt like jello noodles when we got done, and I have a feeling I'll be sore tomorrow... but that's OK. It means that I'm progressing, I'm getting stronger, and hopefully I'm learning.

Jonathan Wagner
Cho Bo Ja