Tuesday, August 11, 2009

forms, techniques, and stretches, kicks, arg... Keep a white-belt mentality!

With each new class I learn something new. Last night we went through the forms or Hyungs (my family and I only know the first two, Sae Kye Hyung Il Bu, and Sae Kye Hyung E bu).

Since we have promoted to Yellow Belt or 9th Gup we are in a class with other Yellow belts, orange belts, Orange with a stripe, Green, and green with a stripe belts. The class moves quickly, and it seems hard to concentrate.

However, I remember when we first started working as a class at the beginner level and they would move us through the various exercises, it all seemed very fast and difficult to pick up then as well.

I think that what Master Scota has said at almost every promotion fits so well. Keep a white belt attitude. In other words don't forget what you know but come into each class knowing that there is so much that you have to learn! That we are beginners, at least at that stage, and if we can maintain that level of humility, to remember that we are all Cho Bo Ja (beginners) then we can learn the most.

There are regional Championships in Myrtle Beach in November, unfortunately I and my family won't be able to attend.

I'm certain it would be embarrassing on some levels, but then if I remember that I am Cho Bo Ja, there can be no embarrassment. My boys would really enjoy it, unfortunately due to work issues we won't be able to go.

I will plan for the competitions next year!

Ko Map Sum Ni Da

Jonathan Wagner
Cho Bo Ja

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