Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sae Kye Hyung Il Bu - World Form #1 - Tang Soo Do

We have been studying the First form. Here is a video I found that's pretty good. I don't understand why some people do the form with punches down the center instead of kicks.

At any rate. Classes have been progressing. Moving has been progressing, life has been progressing!

I actually look forward to class because when I'm inside the four walls of the dojang I don't have to consider anything else. That's my whole world.
I can focus on what the master is telling us to do and doing it correctly.

We are soon to be yellow belts, I can't hardly believe it, but it's happening none-the less. I look at where we are now after just a few short months and see where we are, and I'm surprised. I see the new-comers working to get the basics that we take for granted and I'm amazed at where we now are.

I'm not sure about the test... I have never tested well.. I'll just have to remember that I'm doing this for health and fun and it doesn't matter about anything else.

I can also take courage in those four walls. The dojang is a safe place. it's not a church but it reminds me of how I feel when I am in church, safe and ready to do whatever I'm asked to do.

Some folks might take offense to that, I don't intend any. I am a pastor and I compare most things to church, and the fact that when I'm at the dojang I feel about the same way I feel at church says a lot about the respect and honor everyone has for Master Scota.

I'll let you know about the test. We have class tonight I don't know if we will be tested tonight or next Tuesday.

I'll keep you informed.

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