Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rolls, Stop-Falls, and Pain

Well, tonight, we learned how to do front rolls and back rolls. And even worked on stop-falls. Very fun, but wow it's hard.
I have spent the last 30+ years (I'm 41) trying NOT to fall on the ground and here I am having to do it on purpose! ACK!!

Ah well, I'll learn I'll do it. It's sort of fun. But Wow it's hard to overcome years of self conditioning to NOT fall down. So, we will have to find out what it takes to learn how to fall down on purpose. Maybe if someone were to push me it would help...

I don't know.

I'm writing short blog entries on classes now so I can remember when we learned various things.

We are going to the makeup class on Saturday morning... that should be fun. Master Scota suggested we stay for the sparring class as well... YIKES!

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