Friday, May 15, 2009

Stretching more, kicking higher

First of all I want to thank whoever sent me the suggestion on stretching against a wall. That really works! I'm trying to stretch some everyday, and now I'm also going to attempt to practice my kicks every day.

The size of our class has decreased because a large number of folks that had been in class before we started have now moved on to their yellow belts, and a different class night. So we have more room for walking kicks and larger exercises it's fun.

I have not bad at the Chun Gul Chase, the front stance, and since I started focusing on keeping my knees bent I can actually do it fairly consistently.

I'm not bad at the Ahp Cha Ki, the front kick, because it doesn't' involve opening my hips up. I'm uncertain if the problem I have with both the Yup Cha Ki (Side Kick) and the Tollyo Ahp Cha Ki (roundhouse kick) is simply because I'm fat and my hips wont move that way, or is affected by lower back injuries I had when I was about 14. (fell down flat on my back on concrete stairs (well as flat as you can get when you are accordianed on the steps...) I wonder if that is part of what's making it so difficult for me to stretch.

Regardless, I'm going to stretch to the point where I can't stretch anymore and then a Little bit further and hopefully eventually I'll be able to get a descend kick off! :)

This evening as we were stretching one of the kids in the class, a young man about 12, said to me, "It's ok you'll get it eventually." that sounds nice but he was being sort of condescending , My response was, "Someday, you'll be 40!" LOL He said that was mean!

Anyhow close to the end of class Master Scota had us kicking bags held by a partner, and I happened to get this young man as a partner. I can kick pretty hard doing a front kick! ;)

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to Saturday morning the area tournament. I'll be watching and will, of course, blog about the competition!.

I'm off for now, have a great day!

Jonathan Wagner
Cho Bo Ja

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