Friday, May 1, 2009

Lesson Yol (10) Practice Practice Practice

Well today I officially became a 10th Gup, i.e. a White-belt.

I honestly feel that even as I progress through the gups I'll always be a white-belt. Don't take that to mean that I don't feel like I'll really be able to proceed in Tang Soo Do. Presently whenever I start to learn something I see, more and more clearly with each lesson, that I only know a very little bit.

I think that no matter how far I progress, I will always have more to learn, and I will always approach life and Tang Soo Do as a Cho Bo Ja, a beginner.

We got our dobaks today. I have very short legs and a not so small middle (not yet anyhow) it's rather laughable... going to have to hem about 12 inches off my pants! The boys aren't in too bad of shape and neither is Yvonne!

Master Scota taught the whole class he went over many of the terms I have previously mentioned like:

Chase (Cha - Say) - A Stance
Cha Ki (Chau-gi) - A kick
Kyuk - A Punch

Just to name a few.

Master Scota also had us work through kicks, I have got to figure out a way to get my groin to stretch.. probably if I would exercise a little in between classes it would help! My wife is going to make me walk everyday with her... no not make me she is going to ask me to walk with her every day and I will because I want to.

Maybe I'll be able to accomplish a roundhouse kick... someday.

Does anyone who is taking Tang Soo Do or any other martial art with their children have a tendency to want to help them in class? I want to point out what they aren't doing right, or how to do it better. Imaging that I am trying to help them and they are better at most of this than I am just because they are young and flexible!

I do tell them how well they are doing, my oldest son has always been very graceful, the middle one 14 is tall and big, and surprising fluid in his movements. My youngest is the most flexible. he can do a full front split almost to the ground, he is almost 9 and has a tendency to over-concentrate so he misses instructions but Master Scota realizes he is trying. I overheard Master Scota telling my youngest, "Right now you are learning and I'll keep helping you, when I think you aren't paying attention, then I'll give you push-ups. " I almost asked if I could do that at home, of course the answer is "Darn right I can!"

Class was good. My legs felt like jello noodles when we got done, and I have a feeling I'll be sore tomorrow... but that's OK. It means that I'm progressing, I'm getting stronger, and hopefully I'm learning.

Jonathan Wagner
Cho Bo Ja

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