Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fast Stretches, and Combinations

Mr Rovner, led the stretches tonight. This young guy is really talented. He's also a high-school junior. He goes through the stretches so fast... I think it's because he is so limber that he doesn't need to stretch... those of us who are old... well that's another story. but it was OK.

Then Master Scota had us start doing some very interesting combination punch/kicks. For example a front jab followed by a back-hand punch, then a front kick, or a sidekick, a center punch, and then a back leg front-kick. All various combinations that in some ways make it easier to get the individual parts. I think that Master Scota was teaching us some of these things because on May 16 there is an area competition.

As a family we are going to watch and try to learn what we can. I'm really looking forward to it.

We are preparing to move in the next few weeks I'll keep going to Tang Soo Do class but my blogs may be short for a while.

Oh I have a question for anyone out there. I am really having difficulty with roundhouse and side kicks due to my groin being stiff and sore. I have been trying to stretch those muscles. Does anyone have any suggestions?

thank you!


  1. Lie down on your back with your butt on a wall and drop your legs into the splits. The weight of your legs will give you a nice stretch but it isn't as intense as a normal splits. Do that for a couple of minutes.

  2. Hey Jonathan - love the blog! So glad you're sticking with the learning, stretching, and overall Tang Soo Do. This is new territory as I had previously studied Joe Corley Karate and wasn't familiar with Tang Soo Do. Regarding the stretch against a wall - Great suggestion! AND be careful... i got a bad groin tear that took six months to heal because I didn't stop soon enough. I thought I was just getting a good stretch and didn't recognize the burning sensation as Bad News. Brian's suggestion is wise - do it a couple of minutes...Love, Your Sis in WA