Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lesson Ahop (9) - It's a commitment

Tonight we went and had our 9th class. Normal stretches, punches kicks, etc. Boy do I need to work on my round-house kick!

Apparently the first time I did the roundhouse kick I pulled something in my groin... as a result my body now says, "mmm uh huh not doing THAT again!" and I just can't get a decent roundhouse kick... I'll keep working on it.. Does anyone have a suggestions for a good way to improve kicking form?

I find it interesting to watch how various instructors and Master Scota, deal with folks of different skills, ability, and understanding. As I would expect, since Master Scota taught them, the instructors all teach in much the same way that Master Scota does, each having their own best form or move which you can see when observing them. They all treat the students with patients and don't seem to mind explaining the same thing to my 8 year old more than once. That may have to do with the fact that he is really trying to "get it" and just needs assistance.

As an aside, since we home school, I wonder if that impacts my children's ability to learn from someone else? I don't think it's a negative impact if any, just uncertain. if you have any opinions on that, I would like to hear them.

Anyhow We have been attending the Dojang for the last month at Master Scota's gracious invitation. Today I told him that we are signing up for the next year and that we feel that if we are going to do it... we may as well do it right! :)

IT's a commitment, just like many things in life, and even though I am just a beginner, I know that Tang Soo Do, takes commitment and determination like so many other parts of life. Marriage takes commitment, a job is a commitment, church and ministry all take commitment.

I think that Tang Soo Do will teach me and my family the benefit of commitment, and perseverance. These are things we know in our heads. But Tang Soo Do will teach us the reward of commitment and perseverance in the body. I can already tell a difference in my muscle tone, particularly in my legs. (Practicing stepping from right to left front-stance, while concentrating on form, and placement and all the other things there are to remember, will do that for you! Oh my legs feel like Jell-o sometimes!)

It's a reward that the commitment itself will turn into. I know that we will come to a point where we don't go to class because we know we have to. (I don't really think we do that now) but because we love to be there. Honestly I can say it's almost like that now.

It's not unlike going to church, it's a wonderful place to go and see people of a like mind. The lesson may be rough, feeling like it's killing us, it never will, but in the end will make us stronger and more prepared for both, the next lesson and life in general.

I leave you with this quote from "A Spiritual Man" - Watchman Nee
In this conflict the child of God must exercise his mind. He must take the initiative in each action and not depend on anyone else. If possible he must make his own decision, not waiting passively for other people or for more conducive environment. He must not glance back at the past nor worry concerning the future but learn to live just for this moment.

I find myself there physically in Tand Soo Do and working to this point in my spiritual life as well.

Jonathan Wagner
Cho Bo Ja

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