Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just a short Blurb

This evening before I came to work I went on a walk with my wife. It's a little over a mile around our neighborhood, with flat stretches and up and down hills. The direction we walk there is a long flat and then a fairly steep hill. the kids call it tiger hill, because if you fall down it on your bike, you look like a tiger got you! Anyhow, walking up tiger hill is normally not too hard for me, but I am winded (more often than not) and my knees and or hips and lower back usually hurt once I finally reach the top.

Today when we walked I was only slightly winded and no pain in my knees ( by the time I got home one knee was bothering me but not too badly) If I am noticeably better off from only 4 Tang Soo Do lessons... how will I be after 40?

I'll keep you informed!

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  1. Amazingly enough I went on the same walk with my wife on Sunday evening... still made it up the hill without being winded... now if I can just lose the 120 pounds I need to lose... I'll feel lots better and be able to do Tang Soo Do much better!