Friday, April 24, 2009

Lesson yuh-deol (8) - You want me to do WHAT?

My two oldest boys and I went to class tonight, we did those wonderful painful, yet somehow satisfying stretches. I am learning more how it's possible to both love and hate something at the same time. Now obviously this isn't me, but there are both boys and girls in our class that can do a full split... I can get my legs further than a 90 degree spilt... maybe 96 degrees! ;)

Anyhow I don't know that I'll ever be able to do a full split like this... but hey, you never can tell, I might get limber enough in my old age (I'll be 41 in 8 days) to do a full split.

Ok, so after stretches we went through some basic punches then Master Scota broke us into two groups those who are moving along nicely, and those of us who are hopefully not too hopeless! ;) ok ok we just don't know enough yet.. Ms. Scully worked with us on the first parts of the first form. That's really cool, and boy am I glad that I am aware of keeping on a level plane when moving. It would look pretty funny to be bouncing up and down like a yo-yo while moving through the form.

I guess being a programmer I like forms. I have noticed as I get older that when I am working on something which can be repeated over and over I can focus both on the physical activity I'm doing and on issues that I need to resolve. As we were learning the form , well the first couple of parts of the first form, I was actually getting it. While we were barely touching the surface of the form, I could feel how the power of the movements will transfer to punches or blocks.

Well at least I THINK I can see how it will. I probably have that part all wrong, but it just felt right.

Then we moved into practicing some kicks. I can do front kicks fairly well, but those side kicks and round-house kicks just make me hurt! However, Mr. Henderson did have us do something a little different We just set up the roundhouse kick, got our leg up where it was supposed to be and chambered the foot, pointing the toes etc, so we could get a feel for where it has to go. There may be hope for me yet! But I'll leave that to Master Scota and the instructors to decide!

I really can't wait to learn the whole form, I don't know what it's called. I'll have to find out and share that with you all.




Beginner Cho Bo Ja
Gup Holder Yu Gup Ja
Dan Holder Yu Dan Ja
Senior Dan Holder Ko Dan Ja
1st Dan Certified Instructor Bo KyoSa Nim
2nd, 3rd Dan Certified Instructor Kyo Sa Nim
Master Instructor 4th Dan & Up Sah Bum Nim
Grand Master Kwan Jang Nim
Belt Dee
Color Belt Gup
Black Belt Dan
Uniform Do Bahk
Training Hall Do Jang


  1. Ki cho Hyung Il Bu is the name of the first form.

  2. Good for you on checking yourself to keep from bobbing up and down! Very few people learn that as quickly as you have!