Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lesson Ilgop (7) - Back from vacation

Believe it or not I found myself looking forward to class tonight. I can barely believe it. but even in the stretches and laughable attempts to kick higher than my kneecap, (OK, I can make it just above the belt on an average person if I really try and concentrate and it's a front kick! forget it with a side kick or a roundhouse!... I'm working on it though!

When we got to the dojang tonight I was actually looking forward to the workout. The stretches are just as hard, and I still don't have a hinge in the middle! Reading on another blog that the middle, the way you twist your waist gives you power... right now... I don't have much of a twist. but I'm working on it!

We worked as a large group doing punches and blocks and walking punches and blocks, turning from front to back, the economy of motion in a simple turn is one of the things I really love about Tang Soo Do. Just turn from front to back... it's awesome!

Master Scota walked us through lots of punches kicks and blocks. I know that I'm a long way off, but I'm at least starting to see the symmetry.

I mentioned before that I stumbled upon a bad habit before it became a habit. Now when we move forward I concentrate on keeping my knees bent and "TRYING" to keep my head on a level plain. I did find that when I am doing these types of repetitions if I can focus both my inner man and focus my gaze on a fixed point, that's PAST the wall I'm looking at, I can move much more smoothly than otherwise.

The inner focus is more important I think than the outer. It is more important in many ways in life. If I can find a my inner focus then I can remain in that place of calm peace that is only found there. I know there are many words and terms for this centering, but being a christian, I find my center in Jesus. Other find their center in themselves or in other teaching. It's not my place to tell someone else that they are wring, though I do have a question particularly for those who find an inner focus in your own self, how can you bring balance to your self when you can't control anything other than yourself? It's just something to consider.

Anyhow, I am working on that movement and maintaining (Ha that's a laugh, let's say GAINING) a fluid graceful motion.

I know that no matter how far I progress there will always be room to learn and grow, and I will always approach Tang Soo do as a beginner. Someday I hope to have a good grasp on the basics so I can be prepared to move further. In the meantime, I'm trying to get stronger, pushups stink! oh and don't forget crunches! ARGH!!!

Standing in a deep horse-stance for long periods of time, making my legs quake and quiver, it hurts.. but wow... Even after just a few lessons my legs are starting to get the muscle definition that I had when I was younger and rode my bicycle 20 to 30 miles a day.

So I am looking forward to class on Thursday. I'll let you know what happens!

Here is some more commands and their meanings.

Romanization Word Meaning
Charyeot 차렷 Attention
Gyeong rye 경례 Bow
Baro 바로 Return
Shwieo 쉬어 At ease, relax
Kihap 기합 Yell
Junbi 준비 Ready
Sijak 시작 Begin, start
Gallyeo 갈려 Break (separate)
Gyesok 계속 Continue
Guman 그만 Finish (stop)
Dwiro dora 뒤로 돌아 Turn around (about turn)
Haesan 해산 Dismiss

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