Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So you want to take Karate?

Several months ago, almost a year really, my oldest son, He will be 17 in September, told me he would really enjoy taking some form of martial art. I have no problem with that, in fact I thought It might be a good idea for me to join him. I can't let him learn how to kick my backside without at least knowing how to defend myself!

(Disclaimer: My boys all love me, and even though we have typical issues at times, I would never worry about any of them intentionally hurting me or my wife, or anyone for that matter.)

We started looking at various Martial Arts schools in the area, Greenville, SC. I dropped into a couple to get a feel for what they were like, talked to the instructors, etc. While there are many good schools in the area I didn't get that "Just-Right" feeling from any of them.

My Wife, used her unfathomable internet location ability and found several schools on the net one which she really liked.

I called Scota Karate Academy and spoke to Master Scota. I was very impressed. As with most schools they offer a couple of free classes, and then you can decide what you want to do.
I was particularly happy when Master Scota told me that he attends the Taylors First Baptist Church. I was happy, because while I appreciate a broad spectrum of ideology and philosophy, I am careful how I introduce my children to views which are alternative to my own. I like for them to be able to judge for themselves. As a result I don't want to put them, or myself, into the hands of a teacher who is goign to push those philosophys. Master Scota told me that he believes in the discipline and the way of Tang Soo Do but doens't teach the eastern philosohy. the other reason I was happy after I spoke to him, is that he told me we salute the Flag of the United States of America, I love many nations, but I only wnat to salute my allegiance to the United States.

We arranged to attend our first trial class on the following Tuesday. My children were stoked at the idea and I was cautiously optimistic.

We live, literally 1.7 miles from the academy.

this is where I was supposed to go:

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I didn't check the address and tried to remember what Master Scota had told me about where the academy is located. this is the route we took:

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As you can see, I really messed up. Fortunatly I had left plenty of time to get there. I finally sent Google a TXT Message: (Send txt to 466453) in the form of locate: Scota Karate, Less than 30 seconds later, I got reply with the address. I turned around and drove back. We walked through the door at 6:00pm the class doesn't start till 6:15.

OK Now I didn't realize this at the time I started but Scota Karate Academy Teaches Tang Soo Do I'll just link to the wikipedia article on that.

the history of Tang Soo Do is very cool. I particularly like this quote from the Scota Karate Academy webpage:

We, as World Tang Soo Do practitioners are striving to maintain traditional values of respect, discipline, self control, self improvement, etiquette and ultimately live a healthy and harmonious life, physically and mentally.
We attended the first class, met some great people, and as I attempted not to die right there on the spot I decided I can do this!

That was Lesson 1.

Wednesday, OUCH!!!! I think that says it all.

Thuresday, Talked my wife into coming with us. It will cost the same for five of us as it does for four. They have great family plans!

Friday - OOOOUUUUUUCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH but maybe not so bad...

the next class was Yesterday, unfortunatly my youngest, almost 9, was sick with stomach virus (YUCK!) and my wife had to stay home with him... Class wasn't too bad, till I tried to do a roundhouse kick.. I hurt something where it's not supposed to hurt... Still hurts today... but I'm stretching in hopes that by Thuresday all will be good again!

I'll post after class on Thuresday to let you know how we are doing.

the purpose of this blog is to document my, and my families progress in Tang Soo Do, please comment and add your own thoughts or suggestions to this.


  1. Again, I have to welcome you to the Tang Soo Do community. Does Master Scota use Korean terminology when he teaches the classes? From what I read on your other entry, it would appear that he does. I have to tell you, I have just recently (within the past 8 months) changed schools to one that does use the terminology in Korean. I guarantee you, I feel like I'm learning anew.
    I'm glad to read your blog. I will add you to my links and will visit often.

    Marguerite (Meg)

  2. Hey Brother!
    Congratulations on starting this journey. Your description brings back a TON of memories. Maybe I'll go back to karate...or maybe just stick with dance, hmmm.
    You sound terrific and I love the way you write: so real, grounded, accessible, and warm - like you.
    Hi and hugs to your Beautiful Bride and the Boys.
    - your seester in WA